Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Look Into Features Offered By Joomla Development

Joomla is no doubt a leading open source content management system which ushered the web development industry with its hi-end usability and extensive range of features. As it is situated with the GNU General Public License, it can be availed freely as a CMS framework for the purpose of publishing contents on the intranet portals and Internet. Joomla website development is based on PHP programming language and its data is stored in My SQL. It also makes use of object oriented programming techniques and methods for developing a website.
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The reasoning behind inflating popularity of Joomla development is its line of distinguishable features which makes it stand out of the others. Its main features are:
Template Management –
This is one of the most extensive feature through which a Joomla developer can modify the website as many times as possible by altering its color scheme, layout, effects, fonts, images and a lot of other things.
System Features-
With this feature a website enabled with Joomla website development can load its pages within fraction of few seconds. The main features that helps n this process are: granular level module caching, page caching and Gzip page compression.
Media Manager-
With this feature a website can manage all its media files and folders for example images, audio and video with a lot of ease. It even facilitates article editor facility with which files and images cab ne accesses easily.
Menu Manager –
With this feature Joomla developers can customize menus according to their needs. It facilitates various options such as: flyouts, rollovers, dropdown, and many other different patterns.
Banner Management –
With professional Joomla development services one can create as many interactive banners as needed for the website to give it a new look.
These are just some of the features out of the immeasurable pool available with Joomla website development. To make the most out of this far reaching platform it is essential to avail the support of expert Joomla developers that can direct the development process smoothly and in the right direction. Empower your upcoming website with Joomla website development and let it take your business on the next level.


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