Tuesday, November 26, 2013

CodeIgniter: As Productive As Its Name, A Software for Building Web Technologies

As a developer's point of view, what all things do you seek in a web application framework?

  • Powerful interface
  • Simple and logical Structure
  • Well maintained library
  • Generating Quick outputs
  • Helpers
  • Plug-ins
Well, if you think that the above mentioned points are everything that you need for building a functional websites and cannot relate as to where you will find all these qualities together, you are reading the right section on the web. In this article we will discuss a platform where a developer can access all the given services along with many linked features.

As a web developer, you are ought to confront a time where you will be bugged by rigorous coding hours and a point of saturation which will take away all the dynamism and creativity out of you. What exactly in such a case you seek is a simple yet productive platform where you can experiment and build powerful web applications.

CodeIgniter is a commanding PHP framework. The efficacy of this open-source rapid web development can be fathomed by its advanced features. It takes care of all the heavy lifting which a website demands and brings in smooth functioning. Let's have a look over the advantages of CodeIgniter:

  • It enables URI construction
  • Open source: available for free, simple to install & use.
  • The software is designed in a cleaned and structured way
  • It underpins MVC - highly recommended
  • It makes PHP coding easy and simple
  • Massive community
  • Ample of resources
  • Stable framework
  • No commercialism; 100% free and do not offer any purchase of products or services unlike other platforms.
There is more than one reason for a codeigniter developer to choose this over other existing softwares. This coding will take you to a different level of functionality which cannot be, remotely attained from accessible platforms. With this, a developer can break down chunks of coding to as short as one liner. Once a developer is on it, they will discover new dimensions of coding.
CodeIgniter is fast to run and easy to deploy. It is simply outstanding for mash-up web applications. Also because it works on usual PHP it makes the coding portable without any hazel therefore, building from scratch can be avoided.

While considering off shoring to gain web related services, one can vouch themselves that there will not be any scarcity of CodeIgniter developers. World is mounting at technological advancements every minute and there are many countries where one is destined to find highly skilled, adept and knowledgeable developers.

India is one such place where young and bright candidates are brimming in their skills and their expertises are not hidden from the world. Indian freelancers and developing companies are bringing new era of technological creativity. They are building web related applications which suffice the need of international platforms. Offshore Codeigniter India can be a very fruitful decision. A mere search on the web and a proper background check can lead you to your desired designer.

CodeIgniter, a highly functional platform for developers has maintained a vast pool of community members, these members are developers, developing organizations, free lancers, students etc. To find one developer from a candidate base of such a vast community can be hefty but will always bring in quality work.


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